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Parking in the village

The Parish Council is aware of parking issues in the village, in particular at certain times of day.

Parking is important in relation to the school, post office, doctor's surgery, and venues including the community centre and the church. At times, parking can become such an issue that significant inconvenience is caused to residents, including access issues.

There are also health and safety issues associated with inconsiderate parking.

The Parish Council is currently in the process of assessing options for adding additional parking areas within the village and welcomes suggestions from our community. Parking is a complex issue to tackle.

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The Parish Council has a specific sub-group taking responsibility for the maintenance and improvement of footpaths around the village.

Recent work has focussed on the public footpath which runs from Water Lane to Austfield Lane.

The work on this footpath is in line with recommendations from North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) who have visited the site and conferred with both the landowner and the Parish Council.

We are currently looking to establish a public right of way connecting the A63 to Water Lane.

We welcome suggestions and/or reports of poor footpath maintenance.

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Road Safety

The issue of road safety is a primary concern of the Parish Council, and we appreciate how important this is for residents of the village.

The A63 (running through the centre of our village) is a difficult road to make improvements to. The curved nature of the road makes it very difficult to get approval for a pedestrian crossing. Further, the road is on the main route between Selby and the A1(M), which makes it a relatively busy road and one that is frequented by heavy goods vehicles.

The Parish Council was involved in the installation on Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) in the village, intended to quell speeding issues. A report based on data from the VAS has been compiled and published. Feedback and thoughts are welcome.

In November 2021, the Parish Council voted to support the '20s Plenty' campaign, and have written to North Yorkshire Country Council (NYCC) to express support for this campaign. In January 2023, two committees of NYCC voted in favour of 20mph limits, putting pressure on the NYCC Executive to implement this policy,

We continue to apply pressure. This is a very important issue in Monk Fryston.

Keep an eye on our news page for latest developments.

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Capital Projects

The Parish Council has a specific sub-group taking responsibility for capital projects.

In late 2021, we agreed to use some capital to support grant applications from local groups including Monk Fryston United Football Club, and Monk Fryston Netball Club.

Throughout 2022 and into 2023 so far, representatives from the Parish Council have met regularly with representatives from the Community Association, Primary School, and Education Foundation. The outcome of these meetings is that there are some potentially exciting projects in the village that we hope to invest in soon.

We welcome comments and suggestions.

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